Moremi National Park


The Moremi Reserve lies at the heart of the Okavango Delta and although the reserve is the only government protected part of the Okavango Delta, it is surrounded by a buffer area of private concessions which are carefully controlled in terms of wildlife management.


The reserve is unfenced and allows the free movement of animals within the Delta according to seasonal wildife migrations. The Moremi extends east and northwards to join Chobe National Park, which ensures a continuous protected area for wildlife all the way to Kasane.


The private wildlife  concessions are the domain of the private safari operators. There is very little in a mid range price bracket; there is a limited range of budget and many high end options. Guest numbers in each concession are carefully controlled which has resulted in a high yield but low density tourism experience for guests. In other words guests get to experience the wildlife, huge wide open space and beauty of Africa with only a handful of other tourists.


Accommodation is typically in luxury safari tents. They are completed with all the necessary creature comforts  as well as  highly qualified guides and professionally managed menus to create a luxury safari experience for guests.


Light aircrafts are the mainstay of the safari business and are used to ferry guests between camps and between Maun and Kasane.  Flights between camps is usually timed to take place after the morning activity so that guests can enjoy the afternoon activity at the next camp.