The Savuti is known for its high concentrations of wildlife with large prides of lion, hyena and large herds of elephant. A safari in Savuti affords the opportunity to see nearly all the major wildlife species, including giraffe, elephant, zebra, jackal, bat-eared fox and even cheetah and wild dog.

One of the areas greatest mysteries is the Savuti Channel, which over the past 100 years has inexplicably dried up and then started flowing again several times. The most recent dry period started in 1982 and then after nearly 30 years started flowing again in 2009.  

This wet period produced exceptional viewing but the channel suddenly dried up once again at the beginning of 2016. The channel was not quite ready to go back into a complete dry phase and remarkably the late arriving waters that flow from the Kwando River started to push east into the channel once again. By June (apart from the area where the channel starts flowing), there was only one body of water left, this big pool close to Savuti Camp is called Sefo’s Lagoon.This area has produced some incredible sightings as the wildlife vies for access to remaining water. We watch and wait to see what the summer rainfall brings to this magnificent part of the world.

There are many fine examples of rock art to see. These were painted by the San bushmen who once inhabited the area. A visit to see these ancient marvels can be included into your stay at Savuti.

Guests can witness a the Zebra migration in the Savuti marsh during the months of February and October.