Lower Zambezi

Zambia’s newest national Park, The Lower Zambezi lies of the opposite side of the Zambezi River to the world famous Zimbabwe national park, Mana Pools. The fact that both sides of the river are national parks has kept this area pristine and created one massive wildlife area.

The areas in the game management area outside of the park are dotted by many lodges some with bigger traversing areas than others but within the borders of the park only licensed operators are allowed to conduct safaris.  Day visitors are allowed but have to be out of the park by sunset as there are no camping facilities within the park. There are strict controls on the number of boats allowed on the waters bordering the park and lodges within the park are situated at least 5 kms apart so guests are ensured an almost private wilderness experience during their stay.

The park is well known for its good Tiger fishing catches and canoeing safaris but the game viewing is also extremely rewarding. Guests can experience a complete range of wildlife that includes healthy population of lion, buffalo and elephant, an array of birdlife that includes over 400 species and magnificent flora with the majestic winter thorn trees being the most notable.