Upper Zambezi


The Zambezi River begins its life as a spring in a far off northwest corner of Zambia and then travels into Angola for about 230 kms. During its travels through Angola that the Zambezi grows in girth until it reenters Zambia at Cholwezi and travels down Western Zambia through the Barotse floodplains and onto Ngonye Falls at Sioma and then down towards the Victoria Falls.

The lands along the upper Zambezi River are dotted with rural villages. Wildlife is sparse but cultural life is alive and rich. Its here you can witness one of the great Zambian cultural spectacles, the Ku-omboka. This event happens towards the end of the rainy season when the waters of the floodplains start to rise and the Lozi people move to higher ground.

The floodplains are also a haven for the fingerlings of many species of fresh water fish. As a result the area between Sioma and Victoria Falls has become somewhat of a mecca for fishermen, with the striped and viciously toothed Tiger fish at the top of the trophy list.