Hwange National Park

Hwange is Zimbabwe's best known game reserve. The huge tract of land which makes up Hwange, lies along Zimbabwe's eastern border between the towns of Victoria Falls and Bulawayo, making it an easy safari add on to stay at Victoria Falls.

Situated conveniently close (2 and a bit hours) to Victoria Falls, the park offers a wildlife and wilderness experience seldom matched in today’s Africa. Game viewing is spectacular, made easier by the man-made water holes which dot the park. These  turn the dry scrub land into a place that can sustain the huge and varied wildlife population.
The park is known for its large elephant herds, but in reality offers a wide range of wildlife that encompasses the Big 5 as well as a multitude of smaller creatures which make a safari in Hwange very rewarding. There is nothing more exciting than seeing bat eared foxes devouring a meal of flying ants after a tumultuous African thunderstorm... or the many (more than I have seen in any other game park)  jackals both side striped and black backed, looking for an easy meal. These sightings 'flesh out' a safari to create a rich tapestry of memories for you, the guest to take back home.

Enjoy this vast safari national park from an open game viewing vehicle or in the comfort of your own 4x4 vehicle.