Zimbabwe travel information



For stays of less than six months all you need is a valid passport, a return ticket to your country (or enough money to buy one) and sufficient funds to cover your stay in Zimbabwe.
All visitors require valid passports with at least two empty pages.



With a few exceptions most visas can be purchased on arrival in Zimbabwe.

South Africans obtain a visa free of charge on entry to Zimbabwe.

Kaza Uni-Visa is reinstated as of 21st of December 2016. A Univisa was recently implemented by Zimbabwe and Zambia (with more countries to follow) to allow fee movement between these countries for certain passport holders. This means that guests planning on extended safari itinerary that will take in the countries involved with the Univisa will only have to pay one fee. (on implementation the cost was $50 pp) The Univisa is valid for 30 days. Follow this link for more information on the Kaza Visa



The local currency is no longer the Zimbabwe Dollar. ONLY foreign currency is now used in Zimbabwe and the most popular of these are USD and South African Rand. In our experience travelling with USD is a better option in the main tourism areas as guests get a very unfavourable rate for their Rand. For any extras such as visas, tips and curios we recommend that you travel with a selection of small denominations.

With a few exceptions credit cards are  widely accepted in the major tourist centers of Zimbabwe. However in small towns and villages you may find it easier to use cash.

If you are planning on buying curios and enjoy bargaining, offering an "extra" in the form of pens, batteries, coloured crayons, T shirts or sunglasses will clinch the deal for you.



The low lying areas of Zimbabwe lie within malaria areas so we recommend that you take malaria precautions including prophylactics, covering up in the evening with long sleeved shirts and trousers and using mosquito repellant.

Ebola - While the United States, United Kingdom and Spain have all had instances of Ebola, Zimbabwe has not been affected by the current outbreak of Ebola that is gripping the imagination of the world, nor has its immediate or close neighbors. To put it into perspective Freetown in Sierra Leone is 5660 kms away from Harare, Zimbabwe's capital which is further than the distance between the furthest eastern point of the united states and the furthest western point

All visitors to Zimbabwe are responsible for their own travel and medical insurance. Please ensure that you are fully insured for all eventualities including emergency evacuation, medical, curtailment and repatriation.

Zimbabwe is serviced by medical air rescue services who are able to fly you to the nearest hospital which is able to deal with your condition