Where to go in Botswana

These are some of the Botswana attractions we include in our Botswana safari itineraries.

Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is iconic Botswana. The meandering waterways of crystal clear water which comes down after the rainy season creates an oasis in an otherwise desert-like landscape.  A low density tourism policy in Botswana ensures that guests get to experience this miracle in an almost private fashion, making this the ultimate, exclusive, wilderness safari.


The Moremi National Park and surrounding private concessions stretches from the eastern part of the Okavango to the Kalahari.
The vast area has some of the best game viewing on offer in Africa due mainly to the great diversity of habitats. The ultimate, exclusive, wilderness safari.


When one speaks of Chobe, one word comes to mind - elephants. In the dry winter months huge herds can be seen almost everywhere, most especially along - and in the Chobe River where they drink, wash and play... Chobe National Park covers a huge area, but most people refer to the area near Kasane as Chobe. The park is conveniently placed within an hours drive of Victoria Falls and Livingstone, making it an easy day trip or a great place to include with a holiday at Victoria Falls.


Technically within the Chobe National Park, Savuti is a dry arid area of low rainfall. The Savuti makes a great combination to a safari in the Okavango. It is world reknowned for its elephant concentrations and large prides of lions.
The lions in the area have adapted to food shortages and have even learnt to hunt elephants when the opportunity (and hunger) allow.